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The Basics
Name: William "Billie" Lenway
Age: 14
Gender: Male

School Stuff
Talent: Instrumental Music
Favorite Subject:Music
Least Favorite Subject: Math

Sexuality: Homosexual
Crush: N/A
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: N/A
Past Relationships: A boy named Lennie when he was 12

Mother: Priscilla Lenway
Father: Harold Lenway
Siblings: Mark, Harold Jr., Susie, Lindsey and Allison
Other Important Relatives: N/A

Likes: Playing guitar, singing, hanging out with his friends, gigs, moshing, partying
Dislikes: his parents, sports, school, his brothers and sisters
Personality: Billie is a bit of a party animal. Having grown up in a family where no one paid attention to him unless he does something wrong, he tends to do things wrong a lot. He can say he doesn't care about what his parents or brothers and sisters think, but deep down he does. He tries to get their attention in the only way he knows how; by being bad. He plays his music loud so someone will tell him to turn it down. He stays out late so someone will tell him to come home earlier. He'll get bad grades so someone will tell him to work harder.
Despite all this, Billie is actually quite a fun guy. He's constantly cracking jokes and partying and laughing with his friends. He's enthusiastic during gigs and about his guitar playing. He pushes his family life away when he's with his friends.
Romance wise, he's pretty flirty. He tends to not try to find out whether the guy likes guys or not before he starts putting the moves on him. He finds out along the way.

Birthday: February 13th
Personal History: Willam Lenway was born to Priscilla and Harold Lenway on February 13th. He was the last of their six children. He cried a lot when he was born.
Throughout his childhood, William was ignored and neglected by his family. They all had their own things to deal with that didn't involve him, the oddball of the family. He grew up alone and learned to rely on his best friend Mike instead. The two took up music (Billie the guitar and Mike the bass) and formed a band. Their drummer always varied, but at least they were doing something they loved. When the duo was 12, their band started getting booked places. This was around the time that Mike and Billie started smoking and drinking. They knew it was wrong, but wrong was fun, so they did it. After deciding that "William" wasn't a suitable name for a rockstar, Billie decided he would be reffered to as Billie. When he was twelve, he also determined that he was gay. He came out to his family at thirteen. They pretended like it didn't matter, but he could tell they were disgusted.

Hair Color: Naturally brown, dyed black
Hair Style: Short and choppy
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Tanned
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 100 lbs
Anything Else Important: N/A


The Basics
Name: Jocelyn Whilemette
Age: 30
Gender: Female

School Stuff
Grade Taught: 9th
Class Taught: Instrumental Music (Guitar)
Sample Class: Ms. Whilemette walked into her classroom happily, still drinking her cup of Starbuck coffee. She had the guitarists first period on Wednesdays, and they always made her happy. Being a guitarist herself, she felt a strong connection to them. She of course played many other instruments, but guitar was her first, and her true passion, other than teaching of course. She sat at her desk and pulled out her lesson planner, reviewing todays lesson while finishing her cup of coffee. She listened to the mornimg announcements, threw out her empty to go cup and stood up as the kids walked in.
"Hey kids!" She grinned at them and they grinned back.
"Hey Ms. Whilemmette!" They replied. The kids liked her because she was young and cool and fun and totally not uptight like some of their teachers. The students took their seats and got out their guitars.
"Alright, today we're just gonna keep practicing Basket Case." She smiled. "So that you can all get a better feel for it and maybe one of you will choose it for your solo performance!" She clapped. "So let's get started." The students pulled out their sheet music and put it on the stands. "Alright, one, two, three, four!" And they started to play. Ms. Whilemette traveled around the room, helping certain kids and congraulating others.

Sexuality: Straight
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None
Husband/Wife: None
Past Relationships: A few, not many...

Mother: Angela Whilemette
Father: Angus Whilemette
Siblings: N/A
Children: N/A
Other Important Relatives: N/A

Likes: Guitar, teaching, students, music, reading, coffee
Dislikes: Pop music, soda, sports, cats

Birthday: August 5th
Personal History:

Hair Color: Blonde with colorful streaks
Hair Style: Long and wavy
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Pale
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 130lbs
Anything Else Important: N/A


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